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Get your Team or Application up to speed by working with some of the leading industry experts in JavaScript & ASP.NET!

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Decades of industry experience

Who Are We?

At DevHelp, we strive for perfection, crafting the best user experiences and application architecture possible.

We have expertise in ASP.NET, Node, JavaScript frameworks of all kinds (Angular, React, Vue, etc), UI/UX design & prototying, systems architecture, and everything in between!

We've worked with small start-ups, to Fortune 500 companies, and lead them all to success.

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Mark Pieszak

Founder & CTO of DevHelp Online

Angular Universal Core Team
15+ Years in the industry
UI Architect, International Keynote Speaker, Trainer

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High Praise

“A great resource for everything JavaScript, esp. Angular Universal. They delivered everything we asked for in a timely manner and made a few extra tweaks and optimizations. Would love to work with DevHelp again!”

Bobby Brennan, founder of

Unparalleled Expertise

Your Users are #1 right?

We will help get your Application blazing fast and performant.

Performance Tuning

Get your Apps performaning faster by using todays best optimization techniques, preloading, and even server-side rendering your JavaScript.

Search Engine Optimization

In today's world, SEO is more important than ever. Reach more users by making sure not only your Application, but your content is up to todays standards of SEO compliance.

Application Development

We can help get your application where you want it to be, by coding along-side your team to help meet deadlines or finish challenging projects!


We can help overview the architecture and coding of your Application to make sure everything is meeting todays best-practices, and technical debt can be spotted and updated.

Our Services

Development is hard enough, how can DevHelp Online help?

Angular Consulting
With Angular contributors and team members, we can make any Angular goal, a reality.

Web Application Development
JavaScript / TypeScript apps in any framework of choice

Mobile App Development
iOS and Android application development with NativeScript.

In-house Workshops
Get a team member to come to you, and get everyone up to speed quick with guided workshops.

Performance Tuning
We can help analyze every aspect of your application and see what areas can be improved, quickly.

Online Training
Save time and money, and get online training & consulting on a variety of topics, today.

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